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How do I stop greasy roots?

BY: Kimberley Algie

What is causing my hair to be so greasy?
If you wash your hair every day, with hot water, a highly moisturising shampoo and you are quite vigorous when shampooing you may be causing your own problems. When we wash our hair, we release Sebum (Sebum is an oily substance that protects and hydrates the skin’s surface).
Occasionally what happens is the roots get oiler and greaser while the end of the hair becomes more brittle and drier, leaving an imbalance between the hair and the scalp. Unfortunately, this leads us to washing more regularly, out of habit, to make the hair feel fresher.

Is washing my hair every day a habit?
I believe that our daily lives consist of doing things we become unaware that we are doing and just keep doing on ‘auto-pilot’. Washing hair daily is one of them.

What do I need to change?
Swap out your regular shampoo and try Goldwell Scalp Specialist or Sebastian Trilliance Both shampoos are great for cleansing the scalp, with no added oils.
Wash your hair less vigorously, try more subtle massages. This will make less Sebum activate.
Use warm water instead of hot, this will also help reduce Sebum.

What do I do if it looks greasy?
Trust the process, you may feel like you can not carry on not washing your hair after the second day and that is okay. However, you can always try Kevin Murphy’s Fresh Hair Dry Shampoo which is great for prolonging that hair wash.
Try putting your hair up in different styles. For example, a textured messy bun and style out with a ribbon. There are plenty of daily hairstyles to choose from.
It is all about the practice and setting up a new routine that will make your hair feel fresher in the long run.