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Did you know our North Adelaide Salon offers Weft Hair Extensions?

Achieve the luscious, voluminous locks you’ve always dreamed of in no time.

Whether you desire length, volume, or to enhance your colour, our weft extensions are the answer. Experience the confidence-boosting, head-turning results with a flawless, natural look.

With so many types of hair extensions on the market – why Weft Extensions?

Condition is our number one priority.

Gone are the days of glue and tape extensions causing tension and damage to the scalp and hair. Weft extensions are applied with no glue or heat.

A discreet micro-beaded track is installed across the scalp with the weft sewn into that. This method ensures even weight distribution. The even weight distribution from the Weft Extensions can stimulate the blood flow in your scalp and encourage new hair follicles to grow.

The row(s) of extensions will also protect your natural hair from heat styling and daily wear and tear, resulting in new hair growth, all over healthier hair, and a seamlessly blended look.

Our Miracle Weft is less than 1mm thick, so they sit very flat to your head making them look completely natural. The beads and thread on the weft will also match your hair colour so, even when your hair is tied up, nobody will notice whether or not you have extensions.

We use European-grade hair that is ethically sourced. This hair texture is the highest quality on the market and the finer texture of the strands makes it blend seamlessly into the texture of your hair.

How long does it take?

Weft hair extension application usually takes between one hour to three hours to complete, depending on how many grams of hair and rows are being installed. We recommend maintenance every 6-8 weeks.

With correct hair are correct haircare, your extensions to last up to 12 months.

Does my hair have to be a certain length?

We always want it to look natural and seamless. During your initial complimentary consultation, your stylist will discuss your hair goals with you and recommend the correct length and grams of hair your head of hair can carry. Generally, for length we recommend your hair is at least shoulder length or longer, however, wefts can be installed in shorter bob lengths for added volume and fullness!

Your dream hair is just an appointment away!

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