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Cosmetic Tattooist, Norwood

Tammie has a meticulous eye for detail. Holding over 15 years of beauty experience, nationally accredited training and infection control certification your can rest assured your in safe hands. Tammie is well known as a perfectionist, achieving the best possible results for everyone she meets. With her genuinely warm nature Tammie helps you to choose a treatment that you feel most comfortable with so you can wear it with confidence and pride.

Tammie offers a personalised, high quality service where each treatment is designed specifically just for you, based on your preferred outcome and personal desires.

Each treatment is performed using sterile single use needles, only the safest Organic Pigments and up to date quality equipment making your treatment as safe and comfortable as possible.

Every Cosmetic Tattoo comprises of an initial treatment, followed by a touch up visit.

Refresh or maintenance visits are then required usually once a year depending on your skin type, lifestyle and desired results.