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(Published Oct 15 2015 in Parade magazine):

Once we find a hair stylist we know and trust, we tend to stick by them. I mean why change, right? After all, we’re putting our complete trust in them to look after our locks.

And for a woman – back us up here, ladies – that’s pretty important.

Orbe’s longest serving client, Carole Stewart, knows what we’re talking about. She’s been coming to the salon since they opened their doors along The Parade 21 years ago.

“I started seeing Ida when she was just 18 and working as an apprentice at Peter and Robert along The Parade,” Carole says.

Carole was living in Broadview at the time with her three young children while building a home in Stonyfell.

Carole thought it best to find a hairdresser in the area. “I rang the salon and said I need to see someone today. They replied, ‘We’re terribly sorry, but we’re booked out.’”

Carole’s response was testament to a woman in dire need of some grooming.

“Well, I just want you to know that when I hang up this phone I’m going to shave my head.” The receptionist was quick to respond: “Just a moment, please.”

A couple of minutes passed before someone at the other end picked up the phone. “If you come in, Ida can do it for you.” 

Carole’s first impressions upon seeing Orbe’s flamboyant salon director, Ida Tirimacco, will make you laugh.

“I thought she was a gypsy or something because of the way she dressed – those flowing dresses,” she says. 

Carole has been visiting Ida and watching as the dynamic partnership with Joe Cimmino took Orbe from humble beginnings in 1994 to one of Adelaide’s leading salons.

At the time, they shared their current space with the local fish and chip shop. It was half the size. 

Today, Orbe offers clients the whole box and dice, from manicures to pedicures, massage and spray tans.

But Carole likes to keep it simple on her routine six-weekly visit.

“My colour is kept pretty natural and I have an easy-to-maintain haircut these days.”

For those wondering what Carole had done at that very first appointment 21 years ago, she didn’t go quite as drastic as the complete shave.

“I would have definitely had it cut, coloured and I probably even had a perm from time to time.”

Congratulations to Orbe, which celebrates 21 years of service along The Parade.  

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